Self-pay parking meter

PayBySky is a self-paying extension to existing municipal payment collection systems. We focus on high-frequency parkers such as hard-working urban business fleet vehicles that park five to 20 times every day—parkers that may lack time, patience, or motivation to consistently use current payment systems.

Using only an in-vehicle meter and a cellular network—nothing on the sidewalk or embedded in the street—we reliably detect when and where a vehicle is parked with precision and privacy protection. We forward a “digital location credential” to payment and enforcement systems. We can even look up a parking rate, calculate a charge, and forward a “digital parking credential” to a billing or debit system. No on-street meter or pay by phone system is as impervious to user error or “forgetfulness” as is PayBySky.

We do not charge convenience fees. Instead we charge a monthly, per-vehicle service fee. And that means high-frequency parkers save considerably over using pay by phone systems.

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Easy in, big payback

PayBySky integrates directly into existing parking payment and enforcement system via a simple API. We conform to each existing systems' specifications, requiring no change to backend or to enforcement. PayBySky is fully automatic and fully autonomous. Parkers need do nothing in order to experience 100% payment compliance. Once parked in a legal spot there is no longer a reason to ticket drivers for payment violations if a municipality uses graduated pricing in lieu of short time limits to encourage turnover.

We operate with fleets of any size from several tens to hundreds of thousands. We automatically meter and register parking credentials for any form of parking facilities: on- and off-street, public or private, commercial or municipal.

PayBySky can provide an enormous variety and volume of analytics data for traffic and transportation planners. We can provide maps showing the volume of circling by area and by time of day— very valuable for pricing analytics.


The evolution of parking

Continued urbanization makes every urban parking spot more valuable. Municipalities increasingly depend on revenue available from managed parking and increasingly use parking rates as a means to manage congestion.

The evolution of parking payment systems has reached a tipping point. Enabled by digital technologies such as geo-location, license-plate ID enforcement, high-speed networks and the “mobile wallet” the final stage in parking payment has arrived: fully autonomous payment requiring no human interaction, and offering near-100% payment compliance. This promises reduced circling, happier drivers, greater urban liveability, dramatically reduced enforcement costs, and higher net revenue for our cities.

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Parking meters are poised to disappear from our streets

Many cities have already begun the migration from pay-and-display to pay-by-license meters and pay-by-phone systems, enabling them to halve their multispace meter count. Cities can enable lean parking demand management technology to establish a growing number of block faces served only by electronic means such as smartphones and automatic in-car payment systems. The ultimate in parking convenience is the focus of the PayBySky innovation brought to you by Applied Telemetrics.