Simple, Worry-free, Saves Money

Vehicle drivers who pay for parking know how difficult and confusing it can be. PayBySky makes it easy by doing it for you automatically. To use our service you have to install a small in-vehicle Skymeter that detects when you have parked in a payable area and then does the parking payment transaction for you. You can park and walk away and let the system take care of payment.

Unbelievable Simplicity

Easy As 1-2-3

Park and walk away. That’s it.
PayBySky pays for your parking automatically without you having to get out your phone or wallet.

Effortless Payment

Error-free parking payment is 100% automated. Park legally in any spot that is part of the PayBySky network and your account is billed automatically.

One Account, Limitless Options

Our network covers street parking, lots and garages. We are expanding across North America for both city run and private parking operators.

Latest News

Digitial Parking

Numerous and powerful policy changes are possible as parking payment moves off street into digital forms including self-detection and self-paying systems for frequent parkers that complement cellpay systems. Click Here to Read Full...

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The Evolution of Municipal Parking

Parking policy and technology are evolving four key promises: reduced urban traffic congestion, reduced enforcement costs, increased convenience for parkers, and increased retained revenues for municipalities. This bodes well for a healthier downtown. Click Here to...

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