Optional Reports and Features

PayBySky’s base parking and HOT service provides its subscribers with unlimited monthly transactions once a payment wallet is set-up.  In addition to the basic parking and HOT services, PayBySky offers vehicle location services, such as a trip log book (very handy at tax time), real time vehicle location, driving behavior analysis and warning if vehicles leave a user defined geo-fenced area.

Log Book

Log Book Recording

Reporting can be personalized. The PayBySky log book includes the following:

Start and Stop time of travel
Start and stop address
Distance travelled
Start and stop time of parking
Parking fees

Real Time Location

Vehicles can be located by an authorized administrator in real-time. A record of this and previous journeys can be displayed based on account security settings.

This is great for when you want to know where your driver is, what route was taken and how long they drove, stopped or parked along the way


Administrators of the account can define geographic boundaries of allowed travel. If a vehicle travels outside of its geofenced area, the administrator can request to be notified by email or SMS text message.

Very beneficial for company owned vehicles, or teenagers that vehicle owners want to manage travel outside of areas that are authorized.