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PayBySky is a monthly subscription service offered to increase convenience and productivity for those drivers that park often, or simply want the convenience of not having to worry about the process of manually paying for parking.

To get started you will need a Skymeter – a device about the size of a pack of cards. You can install this in your vehicle in a matter of minutes by attaching it to the inside of your windshield and then plugging it into the OBD port of your vehicle. The OBD port is easily found beneath the steering column on the driver side.

Skymeters are purchased for $179.00 +tax, or can be rented and included as part of your monthly service.

The order form for will ask for your information to set up an account and start the ordering process. You will need to choose between:  a Skymeter purchase plus monthly service fee, or Skymeter rental included in your monthly service fee.

PayBySky handles your parking transactions. You can also add the following services:

Log book: Trip logbook with start and finish times and addresses including total distance traveled. This can be viewed on-line and downloaded in a CSV file format to be opened in excel. The log book is great for expense report and government income tax records.

Real time vehicle/fleet location: With this option you can locate a vehicle, or fleets of vehicles, see the route(s) they have taken, speed, time of travel and more for every second of travel. This service is great for fleet managers who need to have a record of vehicle use for insurance or customer complaints.

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