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Will this work in any vehicle?

The Skymeter will work in most vehicles manufactured after 1996.

When does a parking transaction start and stop

A parking transaction starts when the ignition has been turned off. The system will determine if you are in a paid parking spot and will arrange the parking payment for you with the parking operator.

The Parking transaction will stop when the ignition is turned on AND the vehicle drives away from the parking spot. If you turn the ignition on and do not drive away, the current parking transaction will not be stopped.

If you are in a parking lot, have started your parking transaction and wish to move your vehicle you can do so within the lot without starting a new parking transaction. Your parking transaction for the lot will terminate only after leaving the lot.

Are there limitations to automatic payment

Although we try to be accurate as quickly as we can, the system does need some time to calibrate. Known issues are if you exit a garage and park within 1 or 2 blocks, the system may not have had a chance to calibrate itself. Likewise if you park for more than 2 hours and move your vehicle to another parking spot within 1.5 block, the system may not be calibrated.

The general rule of thumb is that you must be driving for 2 blocks to calibrate prior to parking. If you do very short drives, please pay attention the the meter and the SMS message to ensure payment has or has not been made. If you did not get a confirmation of payment you MUST make alternate arrangements for your parking payment.

What if PayBySky starts charging for parking, but I do not want to be charged?

You must start your car and drive at least 50 feet. This will end the transaction that was started.

How do I pay for PayBySky?

Payment is to be arranged with your representative. Generally PayBySky will do an initial billing for any upfront charges, and will then revert to a quarterly recurring billing and charge to your credit or debit account.

You must maintain your account with ParkPlus to pay for parking transaction fees that are incurred

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

You can change plans at any time by logging onto MyPayBySky or by contacting the provider who you are paying your monthly and parking fees through. Depending on the plan you are on there may be cancellation fees, or return fees for the Skymeter

Are there additional costs?

The plan that you chose has a base parking service provided.  There are additional functions that can be contracted for additional fees such as log book and vehicle location.  Please see the Additional Features page for more information.

When is this coming to my city or region?

PayBySky is being launched in cities as soon as we can attach to the cities payment and enforcement systems.  Please register your interest on the Contact page so that we can let you know in advance when we plan on servicing your area.

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