Paying for Parking is worry-free:
  • Never use a pay-machine or meter again.
  • Pay for the time you’re parked.
  • Stop thinking about how long you’ve been parked and know that you are covered.
You’ll never have to think about paying for parking again.

Park and don’t give it a second thought; just walk away and let the system pay for your parking.

No need to feed the meter, use a smartphone, monitor your time or worry about getting a ticket.

Automatically log your trips and parking costs.

Generate a log of the distance you travel and the parking fees you incur.

Get notified if you're parked in a no-parking zone.

PayBySky will let you know if you’re parked in a no-parking zone. We’ll even let you know in advance if the spot you are in is about to become a no-parking zone. For example, rush hour or street cleaning.

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