Parking Commercial Vehicles

Imagine if you could dramatically reduce the volume of your parking tickets. Imagine if your drivers could make 10% more service calls each shift.

If you operate a commercial vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles that provides goods and services in an urban environment, you are likely plagued with parking tickets. Your drivers try to use loading zones, but these are not always convenient or have available space. Even when a suitable parking spot is found, perhaps payment is expected or perhaps the time permitted is too little for your driver’s task—two ways to get ticketed. The process of getting and settling citations is an expensive nuisance. It is expensive for your company, for the municipal court services, and for the city’s parking enforcement. It is also unlikely to change the fact that your vehicle will return in the next day or two and start the process all over.  Your drivers are not like drivers of personal vehicles who make meter payment errors two or three times a year. And you have a business to run.

PayBySky offers two important solutions to this problem. First our service automates precise payment for your vehicle parking in a way that can, when municipal policy permits, allow you to pay for the time your jobs take rather than the fixed time limit provided. We can ensure that your vehicles never get ticketed for a meter violation. Second, our meters measure parking use location-by-location and hour-by-hour. That allows us to develop time-based congestion maps, which in turn allows you to plan routes that minimize delays for your drivers.


Can I have a fleet account?

Can I have a fleet account?Yes, all of your vehicles (or any subset) can draw from a single payment account and usage reports can be consolidated.

How would you equip my fleet?

Each of your vehicles has a small meter (“Skymeter”) inserted in its OBD-2 port. Each such device is registered to its vehicle license plate.

How many vehicles can you manage in one fleet?

Any number, from one to thousands.

I have employees that use their own vehicle. Can I separate parking payment for my business from their personal use?

You (or your employee) can review an itemized statement based on time of day, day of week, location of parking.  This allows separation of business for personal expenses.

Can I get vehicle behaviour reports for idling, average speed, hard braking?

Yes, this data is available for a custom report, provided the vehicle is not owned privately. Alternatively, it can be made available with driver consent.

What geofencing options are there?

As part of add-ons you can set alarm warnings for any vehicle that travels out of a defined area.

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