More Parking Space, Automatic payment, and no more tickets

Many of us park several times every week in paid parking spots on streets, in lots or garages. We face the nuisance of payment by cash or credit card, before or after we park, rain or shine, in machines that are near or far that may or not be working. Rules differ from one spot to another. It is easy to make an error or to not have change and to end up with a parking ticket.

PayBySky makes it possible to park legally in any spot in the PayBySky network with immediate payment made from a pre-arranged account. PayBySky‚Äôs auto-pay process can arrange to charge only for the time used and where permitted, extend your parking time automatically.  We can do this without disturbing you with text messages, or the need to monitor your cell phone.

There are lots of other advantages to PayBySky, too.  We offer customized reporting to help you with your expense reports, geofencing for your teen driver, vehicle location for when you forget where you parked, vehicle log book if you need to keep records. We can even warn you if the spot you are in is designated no-parking at rush-hour, for street cleaning or snow removal or warn you if you might be parked too close to a fire hydrant, an intersection or a driveway.


Will this work in any vehicle?

The Skymeter will work in most vehicles manufactured after 1996.  It plugs into the OBD port usually located under the dash by the steering column

When is this coming to my city or region

PayBySky is being launched in cities as soon as we connect to their respective payment and enforcement systems.  Please register your interest on the contact page so that we can let you know in advance when we are preparing to service your area.

How do I pay for PayBySky

Payment for the monthly fee can be paid for through your wireless bill.  Payment for parking transactions are made through a pre-setup account.  You can log onto MyPayBySky to arrange or change your payment preferences.

What if PayBySky starts charging me for parking, but I am not actually parking?

You have 3 minutes to indicate to the PayBySky system that you do not want to pay for parking.  You must interact with the LCD panel to stop any payment that is being processed.  If you terminate the PayBySky automatic payment, you should be aware of the area you are in and the possibility of getting a parking ticket.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

You can change plans at any time by logging onto MyPayBySky or by contacting the provider who you are paying your monthly and parking fees through.

Are there additional costs?

The plan that you chose has a base parking service provided.  There are additional functions that can be contracted or additional fees.  Please see the Additional Features page for more information.

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