Digitial Parking

Numerous and powerful policy changes are possible as parking payment moves off street into digital forms including self-detection and self-paying systems for frequent parkers that complement cellpay systems. Click Here to Read Full...

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The Evolution of Municipal Parking

Parking policy and technology are evolving four key promises: reduced urban traffic congestion, reduced enforcement costs, increased convenience for parkers, and increased retained revenues for municipalities. This bodes well for a healthier downtown. Click Here to...

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Progressive Pricing for Parking

Progressive pricing permitted Albany New York to manage turnover, stay within the 85% rule, reduce enforcement expenses, create a friendlier downtown, and slightly increase municipal revenue. Click Here to View Full...

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Reforming Municipal Onstreet Parking Management

Onstreet parking management goes through clear policy and technology cycles. We have entered the third cycle: Digital Parking. This promises management that is more effective, more efficient and less punitive. Click Here to Read Full...

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Downtown merchants demand free parking

Fixing a Broken Parking System: Cycles of pricing and enforcement reform, Transport Futures, November 2014 Digital parking technology opens a new path to merchant-friendly parking management in cities and towns with a BIA averse to parking meters in central business...

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