HOT Lanes

Infrastructure Free Autonomous Tolling of HOT Lanes

PayBySky-HOT tolling technology is a proven, ready, reliable, and the best suited approach for metering and charging for HOT lanes. It detects lane-of-travel for a vehicle on any highway and it operates entirely with in-vehicle devices and no road-side infrastructure. PayBySky-HOT is ubiquitous and therefore can be used for any highways anywhere in the world and it does not require roadside infrastructure, thus saving high capital and operating expenses associated with older technologies (RFID, camera etc.).

A GNSS tolling system can be user-financed, flexible, and expanded to cover any highway without additional cost. Additional users can be added to the system easily and in a controlled fashion.

HOT lanes present different and difficult issues compared to tolling entire highway segments.
• Partial tolling. Generally only one of several lanes is tolled
• Exemptions. Only some vehicles pay for using the HOT lane
• Conserve time-value. The time-value (speed of travel) of a HOT lane must be preserved by controlling access and through dynamic pricing

After taking the above into consideration, the revenue stream from HOT has to be managed appropriately. In some US jurisdictions, revenue has not always been enough to cover the cost of heavy infrastructure and on-going operating costs of gantries and RFID readers. PayBySky-HOT electronic tolling technology addresses this by greatly reducing the need for physical infrastructure.

Congestion Reduction

HOV to HOT conversions sell the residual capacity of an HOV lane in order to reduce congestion. The optimum way to use that remaining capacity is to set a price that sells all of it, but does not oversell it. This can be done with dynamic pricing that changes in real time. The time-value (speed of travel) of a HOT lane must be preserved for both HOV and HOT users; hence during times of greatest demand, the number of HOT users must be managed. The best way to do this is via dynamic pricing based on data obtained with in-vehicle toll meters.

The correlation between congestion reduction and net revenue is near-perfect: the price that minimizes congestion in all lanes AND keeps HOT lanes flowing at their target speed is the price that maximizes revenue.

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