PayBySky empowers municipalities to proactively manage parking and transportation.

Use Smart City technology to create free-flow, frictionless parking.

  • Build a meter-free city.

  • Minimize traffic congestion.

  • Collect powerful data.

PayBySky is self-funding. Engage with no capital investment.

PayBySky is a flexible parking system that accommodates all parking pricing policies, including progressive, graduated and dynamic rate structures.

As a virtual, cloud-based parking payment system, PayBySky is easily implemented to give you immediate control over your parking revenue.

Rate and zone rules can be changed quickly to meet the dynamic needs of your city.

The most powerful tool in reducing congestion in municipal centres is data. You need data to gain insight into where vehicles come from, where they park and how long they stay. This insight then informs city planning, parking resources, route diversions and lane management.
The data gained from a municipality full of PayBySky drivers will show you traffic and parking patterns that help you make informed decisions. Gain insight into issues like origin/destination, the length of time it takes to find parking and downtown bottlenecks that compound congestion problems. PayBySky data is the key to unlocking congestion analytics for municipalities.

A booming market for electric vehicles is dampening the demand for gasoline. Less gas sold means less gas tax being collected, which impacts municipal revenue streams. As municipal revenue declines, so too does the budget for road maintenance. You can make up for that lost revenue with high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes.

PayBySky allows for the seamless implementation of HOT lane systems without the need for expensive hardware. Move traffic faster, avoid congestion and introduce an entirely new revenue stream.
If your region already has road tolling or an existing HOT lane system, PayBySky provides you with an opportunity to significantly reduce your infrastructure and management costs.

Loading zones are important for commercial drivers in urban areas. However they are often abused and are difficult to enforce.
The solution is PayBySky. Municipalities that use PayBySky for loading zone use and enforcement can monetize versus penalize loading zone misbehaviour.
For example, loading zone use can have a 15 minute grace period, after which a progressive pricing structure kicks in. Drivers make the choice to either pay more or leave within the grace period.
With real time reporting on who is being charged for loading zone use you’ll also know who is using loading zone spots for anything but short-term parking.

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