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Everyone has a parking story. A time when you were caught in the rain, waiting in line for a pay machine and it runs out of paper. Now is your chance to let it out, air your grievances and finally heal from your traumatic parking experience!


I was rushing to a meeting and had to park downtown. I had to find 3 pay machines before I could actually pay for parking because all of them were broken. I was late for my meeting! So frustrating.


I am always scared of getting parking tickets because they are $45 each! I always play it safe and buy the maximum.
The other day I was looking at my credit card statement and saw that in one month I had purchased $158 worth of parking, which for the lot I park in amounts to 340 hours of parking. I know I didn’t park for that much time – far from it! I bet I paid double what I had to, just to have peace of mind that I won’t get a parking ticket.


I park downtown frequently, so I feel like I know where the good spots are. I parked on a street I often use but there was a special event on that I didn’t know about and I got a ticket because the City had made that street a no parking zone for the event. I didn’t notice the small No Parking sign and paid $75 for it!


I paid $2.50 for 30 minutes worth of parking. I got stuck in a long line up to mail a package and I was 6 minutes late. I got a ticket for $39. Most expensive 6 minutes of my life!

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